Psychology unit one- memory (reasrech)

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  • memory-researchers
    • Models of memory
      • Baddeley and Hitch- Woking memory Model
        • Baddeley and Hitch- using different slave systems at the same time
        • Elsinger and Damasio- central executive damaged
        • KF Shallice and Warrington supports the separate slave systems
      • Atkinson and Shiffrin- Multi store model
        • Peterson and Peterson- duration of STM
        • Bahrick et al- duration of LTM
        • Conrad - encoding in STM
        • Baddeley- Encoding in LTM
    • memory in everyday life
      • Anxiety
        • Loftus(weapons effect) - Anxiety
          • high internal validity, we now know eyewitness testimony can be inaccurate
          • low external validity, lack of protection form harm, deception.
        • Christianson and Hubinette- real life robberies
          • high ecological validity
        • yuille and Cutshall- real life murder witnesses
      • Age
        • poole and Lindsey- post even info (children)
          • police now know not to give post even info to young children
          • lacking ecological validity. also children were young so may lack verbal skills or understanding to put memory across
        • Flin- children eyewitness testimony as accurate as an adults
        • Dodson and Krueger- misleading questions
        • Cohan and Faulkner- 35 year olds vs 70 year olds
        • Wright and Holiday
      • leading questions
        • Loftus and Palmer- changing wording of question
          • high internal validity
          • low ecological validity
      • the cognitive interview
        • Bekenian and Dennett- more accurate that standard interview.
        • Holiday- improves children's recall
        • Geiselamn- decreases effects of leading question.
        • Fisher Et all- 47% more successful than standard interview.
        • Geiselman  and Fisher- becomes less effective as time goes on
        • Groger- does not improve ability to recall in line up
      • memory improvement
        • cues
          • Baker et al
        • state as a cue
          • Goodwin
        • role of organisation
          • Bower
        • mnemonics
          • verbal
          • visual
          • Crovitz


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