Coding (Memory) by Baddeley

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  • Memory - Coding by Baddeley
    • Identified 4 groups of coding in memory
      • Acoustically similar - words that sound similar
      • Acoustically dissimilar - words that sound different
      • Semantically similar - words with similar meaning
      • Semantically dissimilar - words with different meaning
    • Baddeley found participates were able t recall tasks immediateley after it (STM recal) they ended to do worse with acoustically similar words
    • When asked to recall after a time inteva lof 20 mins (LTM) participate did worse with semantically similar words
    • This suggests the information is coded semantically in LTM
    • Evaluation
      • A weakness of research into coding is the use of artificial stimuli, as the word list had no personal meaning to participates, meaning should be cautious about generalist the findings


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