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  • Memory
    • RAM
      • Random Access Memory
      • Volatile
        • The memory is temporary. It requires power to retain its data
      • The main memory where data, files and programs are stored
      • Slower than the CPU but faster than secondary storage
    • Virtual memory
      • A form of secondary storage
      • When the RAM is full this is used
      • Moves data that hasn't been used recently
      • Used if there are too many apps open at once
      • Data stored in VM can only be accessed  by moving it back into RAM
      • Using VM can make the computer slow to respond
    • ROM
      • Read Only Memory
      • Non-volatile
        • Permanent memory. it keeps its contents even when it has no power
      • Can only be read from and cannot be written to
      • Contains the Basic Input Output system (BIOS)
      • ROM chips use flash memory


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