Memories in Kamikaze

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  • Memories in Kamikaze
    • "Like a huge flag"
      • The noun "flag" presents a notion that the pilots are representing the country and so it was vital for them to portray their bravery.
        • If pilots failed to sacrifice their lives for their country then they were though to be inadequate to live in the country and associate with others. This led them to often be shunned by society.
      • The adjective "huge" emphasises the depth to the pilots decision of saving his life for his family, however it is not revealed to us as readers.
    • "A shaven head full of powerful incantations."
      • "incantations" suggests that the pilots were put under a spell of propaganda, reinforcing the idea that they were brainwashed.
      • The fact that he has a "shaven head" could symbolise that he has lost his identity and individuality.
      • This could infer that the pilot can't think for himself, he is full of propaganda which makes it awfully tragic that in the end he was rejected.
    • "which had been the better way to die"
      • Creates a haunting sense of regret and sadness that reverberates down generations.
        • The family had been completely destroyed through this process.
      • The fact that the pilot was wondering about this portrays that he would have never known the best way to die.
        • This is due to fact that he could never express himself about his decisions.


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