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  • Memorials
    • Totalitarianism
      • Nazi Germany
        • Hitler - Dictator
      • One-party
    • Normalisation
      • Need for nations to apologise for their past
        • Germans apologised for Nazi's
        • Americans need to apologise for slave trade
        • British need to apologise for colonialism
    • Titanic
      • Southampton
        • Most of crew onboard from Southampton
        • Titanic departed from Southampton docks
        • Southamptondo not memorialise the Titanic too much as it was a cruise ship
      • Competing over legacy
      • Cannot put a memorial where the Titanic sank - Middle of the North Atlantic
      • Story  retold - books, films, documentaries
      • Historical memory
    • Battle of Stalingrad
      • Russia
      • Huge battle fought in Stalingrad in WW2
      • Millions of unidentified bodies buried under battle field
      • Normalisation  - Russians and Germans now ok with each other
    • A memory is a reconstruction of the past in the the present
      • Different types of memories
        • Public
        • Private
        • Shared
      • Historical memory - no one alive who was associated with the memory
      • Living memory - people still alive who were associated with the memory
    • Ireland
      • Colonialised by Britain for 800-900 years
      • One they gained freedom they tore down British statues
        • Replaced them with Irish statues
    • Disrespectof memorials
      • Not on purpose
      • Children playing in memorials
      • People taking selfies next to memorials


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