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  • Melody- single note sequence
    • sequence- repeated melodic pattern at different pitches
    • Triadic- chords of three tones
    • Pentatonic- scale of 5 notes
    • Disjunct- melodic lines that movein leaps
    • Slide/glissando- Flowing unaccented move between notes
    • Passing note- a short note moving between two others
    • Appoggiaturas- a grace note given its full value
    • Conjunct- melodic lines that move in steps
    • Ornamentation- embellishment to add interest
    • Acciaccaturas- crushed note doesnt have its full length (played quickly)
    • Riff- short rhythmic phrase
    • Ostinato- repeated melodic pattern that frequently appears in the bass line
    • Staccato- short accented notes
    • Legato- smoothly played melody


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