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  • Melody
    • Intervals
      • An Interval is the distance between two different notes
    • Scales
      • Diatonic: Based on notes of the current key
      • Chromatic: the music contains notes that don't belong to the current key of the music
      • Pentatonic: a scale made up of only 5 notes (e.g C-D-E-G-A)
      • Whole tone: A six note scale in which there is an interval of a tone between each note (e.g C-E flat-F-G flat-G natural-B flat)
      • Blues Scale: a major scale with flattened third, fifth and seventh degrees
      • Modal: based on a type of seven note scale called a mode
    • Melodic Contour (shape)
      • Conjunct: Movement mostly by step
      • Disjunct: Movement in larger intervals (by leap)
      • Ascending: The melody rises
      • Descending: the melody descends
      • Triadic: centred around the notes of one or more triads
      • Scalic: Uses scale patterns
      • Based on arpeggios or broken chords: the notes of a chord are heard one after another
    • Ornamentation
      • Added to decorate a melody
      • Passing note: A note that isn't part of the current chord and comes between two passing notes at a 3rd
      • Acciaccatura: a quick note before the main note
      • Glissando/slide/ portamento: smooth slide between two notes
      • Pitch bend: a short slide up or down to a main note
    • Developing Melodies
      • Ostinato: A short melodic idea that is repeated continually (riff in popular music)
      • Sequence: A melodic idea that is immediately repeated at a different pitch
      • Inversion: A melodic idea that has been turned upside down. Every upwards step or leap is changed to a downwards one


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