Melodrama- Dracula

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  • Melodrama
    • What?
      • Involves extravagant emotional appeal
      • Characters crafted with emotional impact in mind
      • In the 19th century it produced a kind of naively sensational entertainment
      • Characters were either excessivly virtuous or exceptionally evil
      • There is normally an abundance of blood, thunder, thrills and violent action which made use of vampires, witched etc
    • Good V.S Evil
      • Human struggle between pure good (Mina) and pure evil (Dracula)
      • Always a moral element: Lucy was seen as socially unacceptable in a victorian society, therefore she was punished
        • Contrasts to Mina who suffered, but this was done to add depth to her character and envoke sympathy from readers
    • Spectacular Events
      • Harker entering Draculas castle
      • Mina being seen with Dracula
      • Fight  between Dracula and Harker
      • Sea voyages
      • Minas travel with Helsing
    • Plot Twists
      • Lucy becoming a vampire
      • Renfield dying and having connections to Dracula
    • Exotic Locations
      • Draculas Castle
      • Asylum
      • Transylvania
      • Carfax
    • Characters
      • Heroine: Mina
      • Villain's accomplice: Renfield
      • Hero: Helsing or Harker
      • Villain: Dracula
      • Faithful servents
        • Dr.Seward
        • Arthur
        • Quincy Morris


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