Meiosis Mind Map (revision)

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  • Meiosis
    • gamete mother cell divides into 2 cells and then these devide again
    • during inter-phase each chromosome replicates, forming 2 identical chromatids -> when nuclear material becomes visible, each chromosome is seen to consist of 2 chromatids attached at a centromere
    • homologous chromosomes pair up and come to lie along side one another so that their centromeres and genes match exactly
    • members of each homologous pair begin to repel one another and move apart -> except at chiasmata
    • nuclear  membrane disappears, spindle fibres form and homologous pairs become arranged on the equator of the cell
    • on contraction of spindle fibres, one chromosome of each pair moves to one pole and its homologous partner moves to the opposite pole
    • nuclear membrane forms around each group of chromosomes and then by division of the cytoplasm resulting in the formation of two haploid cells
    • each haploid cell now undergoes 2nd meotic division -> single chromosomes line up at each equator on separation from its partner, each chromatid is regarded as a chromosome
    • each of the 4 gametes formed contains half of the chromosomes present in the original games mother cell


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