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  • Meiosis
    • Process
      • 1. Homologous Pairs line up
        • 2. Cell divides - chromosome from each pair in each cell
          • 3. Chromosomes divide into chromatids - cell divides and one chromatid in each one
    • 1st Division
      • Number of chromosomes halves
      • Crossing over can occur between homologous pairs
      • Homologous pairs line up random order - random alignment
    • Key Ideas
      • Process of nucleus dividing
      • Produces gamates
        • Haploid cells
      • Produces 4 daughter cells
      • Cause of variation - allows adaption and survival
    • Variaiton
      • Segregation (random alignment)
        • Number of possible outcomes due to this - 2^n n=number of chromosomes
      • Crossing over - chromatids of pairs twist, break and swap over
      • Genetic Combination - chromosomes with own alleles distribute randomly and cells containing fuse randomly at fertilisation


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