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  • Meiosis
    • Prophase I
      • chromosome condenses, nuclear envelope breaks down, crossing-over occurs
    • Metaphase I
      • pairs of homologous chromosomes move to equator of cell
    • Anaphase I
      • homologous chromosomes move to opposite poles of cells
    • Telophase I
      • chromosomes gather at poles of cells, cytoplasm divides, Interkinesis
    • Prophase II
      • new spindle forms around chromosomes
    • Metaphase II
      • chromosomes line up at equator
    • Anaphase II
      • centromeres divide, chromatids move to the opposite poles of cells
    • Telophase II & Cytokinesis
      • nuclear envelope forms around each set of chromosomes and cytoplasm divides
      • 4 haploid daughter cells are produced


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