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  • Megacities
    • LA
      • California, USA
      • population of 24 million
      • growth due to
        • extremely connected due to the railway in 1976
        • discovering of oil
        • development of the film industry in Hollywood in the 1920's
    • What is LA doing to become more sustainable
      • reduction in fossil fuels
        • goal was that by 2010 20% of their energy was from renewable sources
          • made possible by LA's solar farm and geothermal projects
      • a more efficient water system
        • a lot of energy was being used to treat and transport water which would go on to be wasted.
          • smart irrigation systems
          • diverting more water from the oceans for outdoor use
      • reducing waste
        • LA used to produce 8,000 tons of waste each day
          • problem due to limited landfill sites and negative effects of burning
        • aim is so reduce water going to landfill sites by 70% by 2015
          • increased recycling   programmes
          • proposals to divert green waste to ethanol production facilities.
          • more frequent waste management services
      • reducing number of cars on the road
        • encourage people to use the bus by developing 80 miles of rail transit
        • increase of cycle paths
          • reduce air pollution and decrease obesity
      • decrease the vulnerability to smog by increasing levels of vegetation
        • tax incentives to encourage people to donate land which can be used for community gardens
    • problems facing Los Angeles
      • high levels of migration
        • housing shortages
      • urban tension due to ethnic differences
        • Watts riots
      • movement from manufactory industry to tertiary
        • loss of jobs
          • workers have limited skills
      • water conflicts
      • 10 million vehicles leads to high levels of congestion and pollution


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