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  • Megacites
    • location
      • in 2025 projected that there will be 15 mega cities
        • only two in MEDCs
          • New York and Tokyo
        • greatest proportion are found In LEDCs
          • eg manila, Delhi, and Mumbai
    • Rapid growth
      • Rostows theory
        • take off due to investment
          • triggering urbanisation and development of manufacturing and servuces
        • job opportunities attract migrants
          • governments encourage this because this will increase tax collected
          • economic hotspots
          • large work force with low minimum wage attracts TNCs
    • Problems
      • housing
        • increase demand on housing, infrastructure and services
        • migrants are often poor looking for a better quality of life
          • cant afford the expensive housing due to high demand
          • encourages the building of makeshift houses on unused land
            • illegal and uncontrolled
          • becoming a member of the urban poor
      • deprivation
        • urban poor live with many hardships
          • limited employment to  opportunities
          • reliance on the informal economy
            • government don't collect tax
          • inadequate, over crowding and insecure housing
          • exposure to diseases and pollutants
        • lack of access to infrastructure such as telephone or internet
      • Environment
        • lack of regulations
          • toxic or hazardous waste
          • air and noise pollution
          • industrial accidents due to poor standard of health and safety
            • eg Bhopal a gas chemical spill took the lives of 20,000 people
    • Pollution
      • air pollution
        • cairo
          • so poor that its the equivalent of 20 cigarettes per day
          • the air pollutant pm10 has led to 15,000 cases of chronic bronchitis
      • Water pollution
        • untreated sewage leads to water borne diseases
          • eg ganges
        • created by leaking sewers, landfill sites and industrial waste
      • waste disposal
        • slum dwellers have no waste disposal system
        • leads to contamination
      • trafic
        • 90km traffic cues in new Mexico
          • decrease work productivity
          • health issues doe to the release of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and ozone
          • due to geomorphology photo chemical smog can occur


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