Meeus and Raaijmakers

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  • Meeus & Raaijmakers
    • Aim
      • See if Milgram's results would be similar in another culture
      • See if a more modern method of punishment was used
    • Procedure
      • 39 people aged 18-55
      • 24 in experimental group (with experimenter)
        • Experimenter pressured them to make stressful comments
      • 15 in controlled group (no experimenter)
      • Volunteer sample - advert - paid $13
      • Participants help with job interview process to see if they can cope under stress
      • Confederate in room does a questionnaire
      • Participant says stressful comments
        • These increased on stressfulness of 1-15
    • Results
      • 92% in experimental group went to the end
      • 0% went to the end in the controlled group
    • Conclusion
      • Even when in a more liberal culture - people still obeyed authority
      • Still went against their nature to harm another person


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