HCI- Meeting the Needs of Expert & Novice Users

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  • Meeting the Needs of Expert & Novice Users
    • Expert
      • Wants to get job done in shortest possible time.
      • Provide shortcuts
        • CTRL+P
        • CTRL+C
        • CTRL+V
      • Type at high speed and can memorise key combinations
        • This is faster than clicking on icons or going through series of windows
      • Customise the interface to suit their needs - build in your own macros for repetitive tasks
    • Novice
      • Priority will be ease of learning and intuitivity
      • Provide tutorials and easy access to help eg. F1
      • Step by step approach - complicated tasks need wizards
      • GUI interface  - tend to stick to a mouse or touch screen
      • Clear navigational structure
        • Colour schemes make it easier to use ie. showing routes through programs
          • Eg. Hyperlinks always blue, next always green, stop always red.


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