Meena's relationship with her mother

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  • Meena's relationship with her Mother
    • 'put her hand over mine. I snatched it away and finished my cake in silence'
      • her mother try's to console her however the verb snatched has violent connotations, and the verb silence suggests she does not engage with her mother
      • 2.
    • 'this was my near death experience and i would make damn sure i used it on her one day'
      • the adjective sure shows how Meena is definite she will not forget it. also the adjective used shows how she wants to make her mum fee bad about herself, as she wants to hurt her
      • the informal, slang adjective damn shows how she is determined t defy her mother
        • 'just because the English ca't speak English themselves, does not mean you have to talk like an urchin'
      • 1.
    • 'she was the epitome of grace, dignity and unthreatening charm'
      • the noun epitome show how meena feels her mother is the perfect example of all these qualities, she would aspire to have. could show how she compares herself to her mother
        • 'to mouthy, clumsy, scabby to be a real Indian girl'
      • 3.
    • 'but mama wasn't a yard mama, so i learned early on there was somethings i would have to do for myself'
      • feels he mother is not strong enough or mean enough to protect her, may also think she doesn't love her as much as other mothers do as she does not stand up for her in public?
        • 'because pity was for wimps and wimps couldnt survive round here'
          • feels nervous for her mother at the time of the national front, with racism she feels her mother cannot stand up to
    • 'a snuffling mass of warm roundness barring the way to her heart'
      • the verb snuffling shows how meena may feel sunil is annoying as he constantly reminds her her is there
      • preposition barring suggest how she feels sunil is taking her mother of her- jealousy
      • 4.
    • 'i vowed i would never l would never leave her'
      • the verb vowed shows how she is promising to her mother = serious. Namina influences her as she realises how strong her mother really is.
        • 'how difficult it must have been for mama to leave Namina and how lonely she must have been'
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