Medieval Times.

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  • Medieval Medicine.
    • Medieval Explanation of  Disease.
      • God  + Devil: Disease was punishment from God.
      • Movement Of Planets: Position of Moon + Planets could cause sickness.
      • Bad Smells caused by dirt: Link between dirty conditions and disease.
      • Invisible Poisons: Disease spread through air by looking at someone
      • Four Humours Theory.
    • Medieval Public Health.
      • Became Worse
        • Roman Public Health was destroyed in war.
        • Medieval spent alot of their money on weapons for war instead of medicine.
      • The Towns were dirty.
        • Open Sewers
        • Cess pits: Pits in gorund which collected waste.
        • Human + Animal waste thrown in streets and rivers.
    • How the church held back medicine.
      • Stopped criticism of Galen's work: No one corrected his mistakes.
      • All books were handwritten by monks which as info controlled by the church, this stopped the spreading of new medical idea's.
      • Taught people that Disease was a punishment  from God/
      • taught relegious cure's: whipping themselves when having black death
      • Dissection was forbidden, only used to show how correct Galen was.
    • Black Death.
      • Arrived in 1348: Regular outbreaks through middle ages.
      • Bubonic Plague: Spread by flea's on living rats. Swelling ( Buboes) + Death
      • Pneumonic Plague was spread through the asir.
    • How the church Helped Medicine.
      • Hospitals were set up where elderly could rest.
      • Set up monasteries with fresh water system but only used by monks.
      • Set up medical schools to train doctors.
      • Spread Galen's + hippocrates' work.
    • Factor's which stopped progress.
      • Poor Communication: Roman roads were destroyed, making it hard to spread medical idea's
      • Religion: The church was very powerful.
      • Less trade + Wealth: Trade was disrupted by war,
      • War: Roman empire was replaced by different kingdoms often at war.
    • Medieval Cure's.
      • Purging + Bleeding to balance Four humours.
      • Herbal Remedies: Poppy + Hemlock
      • Natural Remedies: Onion + Garlic+ wine
      • Leeches to remove Blood.
    • Medieval Surgery.
      • Surgeons did not need Qualifications.
      • Some barber surgeons had school but bad reputations.
      • Patients died due to infection and blood loss
      • Surgery was basic: Tooth pulling + Amputation.
      • Cauterization: instead of cleaning wound this was used.


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