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  • Medieval Times
    • What did they think caused the Black Death?
      • God and the Devil
      • Movement of the Sun and the Planets
      • Invisible fumes or poisons in the air
      • Humours in the body out of balance
      • Common-sense reasons
    • What did they do about health in the 14th Century?
      • Open sewers carrying refuse to the river
      • Wells for fetching water
      • Houses away from streams sometimes had their own latrines
      • Fine for littering increased to 2 shillings in 1345
    • Dual Approach
      • Superstition rules in Medieval Times
        • Kings Evil - Scrofula - if touched by monarch, you are cured. Monarchs seen as very important - alike to God.
        • Plague - people whipped themselves to show they were sorry for their sins
      • Urine chart/ Natural healing herbs
    • Four humours believed in from Greek times
    • Not much knowledge about
    • Arab Medicine
      • Knowledge-able due to lots of books that they have
        • European Medicine did not have this
      • Dared disagree with Galen
        • European Medicine did not have this
      • They both used Galen's Books
      • Both had hospitals but the Arabs was more productive
      • Arabs have more freedom to learn
      • Religion hinders change in both e.g. No dissection
      • Arab medicine affects European because Crusaders come over, learn from Arab doctors and take back knowledge. Also learn about Arab illnesses such as smallpox and measles so can identify illness.
    • The Church
      • Helped and hindered progress but mainly hindered
      • Religion - superstition. People taught to believe in religion.
      • They supplied fresh water and this water was also recycled
      • They had a herb garden, but only in select places such as Canterbury Cathedral and the Monastery, so this wasn't available for everyone.
    • Why did knowledge of Anatomy and Surgery not improve?
      • Dissections allowed once a year by  teacher and on bodies of criminals
      • Everyone believed Galen's ideas and no one would dare disagree with them.
      • Surgery done quick to minimise infection and pain as well as bleeding
      • Becoming specialist doctors means that they can solve a specific problem which prevents accidents or deaths.
      • Surgery was helped by war as this means more practise and experience, so they have a wider range of skills and expertise = good for patients.
      • Barbers was used as surgery as they were cheap and had sharp knives, so it was less painful. Sharp knives was unusual and many people couldn't afford doctors.


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