Medieval Public Health

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  • Medieval Public Health
    • Medieval Towns
      • Most had poor sanitation
        • Water supply and waste disposal
      • Bath houses available for those who could afford them
      • Some regulations but for major epidemics.
        • Coventry- waste disposal sites
      • Regulation not effective since cause of illness was unknown
    • Black Death
      • Causes
        • Punishment from God for sins
        • Astrology: Movement of planets and stars
        • Minority groups like Jews
        • Miasma Theory: blamed bad smells
      • Treatments
        • Churches: special services and processions
        • Prayed to God for forgiveness
        • Flagellants whipped themselves to repent sins
        • Orders to clean streets of dirt and waste
        • Bleeding to balance humours
        • Natural potions for prevention and treatment
    • Medieval Monastries
      • Fresh water supply was a priority
      • Stored water in wells or reservoirs
      • Kitchens separated from privies to limit contamination
      • Bathing was compulsory- 4 times a year at least
      • Piped fresh water to wash rooms and sewers for dirty water.
      • Used settling tanks to purify water
        • 5 tanks at Canterbury Cathedral


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