Medieval Britain

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  • Medieval Britain
    • church
      • religion preserved Galen's ideas as it didn't go against the church
        • they set up universities for the training of doctors in Galen's ideas
      • but the church was in control preventing any new knowledge for medical development
      • care not cure
      • illness is a punishment for your sins
    • Public Health
      • it all decreased
        • romans left to go to war taking their knowledge and army with them
        • public services went into disrepair as war destroyed them and medical libraries
          • made new baths but these were made out of wood which rotted and were rarely changed
        • no army to collect taxes
        • animals slaughtered in the streets
        • stream of poo as people had chamber pots and flung the contents out the window and into the streets
          • some people had cesspits dug
        • money went on the war rather than medical development
        • travel was dangerous so communication slowed and knowledge wasn't spread
      • but there were more laws
    • other
      • diagnosis by urine sample
      • human dissection allowed there were some who doubted but nothing was changed
      • diagnosis from the stars (astrology)
    • The black death - 1348
      • spread by coughs and sneezes or black rat flea bites
      • Symptoms: headache then chills and a fever  some suffered vomiting and nausa, pain. Hard painful swellings appeared after a day or two as they grew they began to ooze pus and blood. the victim would then start to bleed internally ...
        • ...Black boils and spots would appear over the body as blood pooled beneath the skin.  and death would occur about one week after contracting the plague
      • the causes  that were thought
        • humours out of balence
        • gods punishment
        • poisened water by the jews
        • miasma - bad air/smells


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