Biology AQA B1:Medicines

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  • Medicines
    • A good medicine is:
      • Effective- prevent/cure a disease or make you feel better
      • Safe-  not be too toxic or have unacceptable side effects
      • Stable- use under normal conditions and store for a length of time
      • Successfully taken into and removed from your body
    • Developing and testing a new drug
      • Takes a long time (up to  twelve years) and can cost a lot of money (around £350 million!)
      • First researchers target a disease and make lots of possible new drugs
      • Tested on  cells and tissues in the lab to find out if they're toxic
      • Next they're tested on animals to find out about doses and side effects
      • Then tested on human volunteers in lab. First on healthy people to look for side effects
      • Then on unhealthy people to see if it cures the disease
      • If it is safe and effective then bigger clinical trials take place to find the optimum dose
    • Thalidomide
      • Developed as a sleeping pill in 1950s
        • Not tested on pregnant animals
          • People started to use it to cure morning sickness
          • Caused limb deformities in the children born
        • People started to use it to cure morning sickness


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