Mind map on Nineteenth century medicine

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  • Medicine in the nineteenth century
    • 1890-Robert Kochs ideas of bacterium meant that surgical equipment and rooms needed to be cleaned
    • Joseph Lister invented the first real cleaner for the patient  to make them less likely for them to die from infection "Carbolic spray" which he performed on his patients
    • Pasteurs article in 1861 shows the discovery of germs. When Lister read his theory he was amazed because he could now apply    Pasteurs theory   to his work.
    • James Simpson found out that Chloroform made people unconscious and made it possible for women not to feel pain during birth and was the first anesthetic.
      • Even  Queen Victoria had it when she gave birth
    • Ignaz Semmelweiss made it less likely for women to die from child birth from infection by cleaning surgical equipment


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