Medicine In Prehistoric Times 1

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  • Medicine In Prehistoric Times
    • Prehistoric People - before we had written records
      • Short life and very hard
      • So to understand, we depend on tools used, cave paintings, and bones
    • Diseases
      • Suffered from
        • Cut up dead animals to eat them
        • Arthritis
        • Fractures (healed)
        • Rabies, gangrene
      • Not suffered from
        • Ate a lot of plants and herbs, healthy.
        • No diseases involving fast food, smoking or drinking alcohol
        • Not pollute water supplies, pile up human waste, and filth that could attract disease carrying insects.
    • Supernatural
      • Witch doctor
      • Blamed evil spirits
        • Released through trepanning
      • Bits of skull found with hole trhoguh middle, worn around neck as lucky charm
    • Keywords
      • Nomadic - not staying in one place
      • Trepanning - drilling of hole in skull
      • Prehistoric - before writing of history begins
      • Witch doctor - cure illness by magic


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