Medicine and treatment c1350 - c1750

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  • Medicine and Treatment c1350 - c1750
    • Science and technology
      • The microscope was invented
      • The printing press was invented
      • The mechanical pump was invented
    • War
      • New plants were discovered when new lands were explored
    • Role of individuals
      • Most minor illnesses were treated by the women in the family.
      • The works of Galen were used as the basis for all medical training
    • Government
      • The authority of the Catholic Church deceased
      • Universities and medical schools were founded in the 12th Century
    • Attitudes and beliefs
      • The church controlled education and medical training
      • The church discouraged dissection
    • Chance
      • Some people felt better after being bled or purged
      • Some herbal remedies worked
      • Few people could afford to go to a trained physican


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