Medicine 1900

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  • Causes of disease and illness
    • Medicine 1900-Present
      • Prevention and treatment
        • Treatments: Magic Bullets, Antibiotics, Advanced Surgery, Transplants, Herbal Remedies NHS(adverts)
        • Preventions: Vaccinations,Healthy Diet, Exercise, Quit Bad Habits, Sleep(6-8 hours), Health Screenings NHS(adverts)
      • Development of Penicillin
        • Discovered by Alexander Flemming in 1928
          • He discovered a petri dish in his lab containing a mould which was killing bacteria around it
          • He published his findings between 1929-1931
            • However no one funded his research so he had to stop working
        • Florey and Chain (1938-1940)
          • Penicillin needed to be purified to treat patients
            • Chain developed a freezing technique as part of the purification process
              • However Florey's team couldn't produce enough Penicillin, so once it ran out their patients died
      • NHS
        • Founded in 1948 to provide free healthcare to the public as a reward for the soldiers of WW2
        • Parliament runs it and employs the staff
          • Private doctors could also work for the NHS, but for less money
      • Magic Bullets
        • Salvarson 606
          • Developed in 1909 by Paul Ehrlich
          • He tested it on a patient with syphilis and it successfully homed in on the target and cured the patient
            • However the patient died once they were cured
        • Prontosil
          • Developed in 1932 by Gerhard Damagh
          • He tested it on his daughter with blood poisoning and she was cured and survived
      • Discovery of DNA
        • James Watson 1953: discovered that DNA is passed onto children from their parents
        • Francis Crick 1953: discovered the structure of DNA
    • Germ Theory
    • Lifestyle


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