Medical Ethics

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  • Medical Ethics
    • Fertility treatment
      • C of E
        • -Most forms are acceptable. - children are a blessing from god ( a good thing) so if someone is unable to have a child we should do the most loving thing and help them. -"be fruitful and increase in number"
      • Roman catholics
        • believe  that any form of fertility treatment is unacceptable, they believe a child is a gift from god and if you cannot have one then it is part of gods plan for you
    • Abortion
      • C of E
        • believes that in some circumstances it is the lesser of two evils, this means sometimes not to abort could be worse than aborting eg. if the child was going to have a severe disability
      • Roman catholics
        • Disagree under all circumstances. Life begins at the point of contraception. Jeremiah 1:5 "before i formed you in the womb i knew you" so aborion could be considered  as murder (exodus 20:30 "thou shall not  murder") therefore adoption could be a better option for an unwanted pregnaancy.
    • Euthanasia
      • Euthanasia  is not suicide but the assisted ending of someone's life who is sufering. (illegal in the uk)
      • Christian veiws
        • Dr. Rowan Williams (c of e) says euthanasia should not be allowed "a right t die can become a duty to die" this means if we allow euthanasia some people may feel pressured into ending their lifes so they are not a burden to their reletives
        • Dr Leslie Weather head(Methodist preacher)
          • says euthanasia should be allowed "i am convinced that the all merciful god.. has also left to dying people the responsibility for making a conscientious decision about the manner and time of their deaths" meaning an all loving god would give people the freedom to end their life if they were suffering a lot.
      • For
        • May be the most loving thing to do (Matt 7:12 "treat others how you would like to be treated"
        • Are we standing in the way of gods plans by keeping someone alive? (ephisians 1:11 " all things are done according to gods plan")
        • it could be meant to be (Ecclesiastes 3:1,3 "to everything there is a season.. a time to be born and a time to die")
      • Against
        • (2 kings 18:32) "choose life, instead of death") life is  SACRED because it is god given, we should respect this as the gift of life.
        • It is murder (exodus 20:13 " do not kill")
        • How  could the you live with yourself after carrying out the killing> feelings of regret and guilt.
    • Animal testing
      • Christians Believe it is acceptable as long as..
        • the testing causes as little harm to animals as possible
        • It is to save a human life or bring about important medical advances
      • Against
        • Pope john paul II said animals do have a soul
        • Humans should be stewards to the earth, which means we should look after the world and that means the animals too. "god placed man in the garden to guard and cultivate it" (genesis 2:15)
        • All animals are god's creation and should be respected- "the earth is the lords and everything in it"(psalm 24)
      • For
        • human life is  more important than animals because we have a soul "god breathed into his nostrils the breath of life" (genesis 2:7)
        • Humans are more valuable than humans MADE IN IMAGE OF GOD
        • Humans have dominion over the world, which means rule so we can do what we please with animals."rule over every living creature"(genesis 1:28)
    • Cloning
      • REPRODUCTIVE CLONING is where DNA is taken from an animal to make a completely new animal using IVF. In the future this might be used to create large amount of animals to help with food shortages. This is illegal in this country
      • DNA CLONING takes the DNA from an animal or human and reproduces it. The results can be used to make proteins which can be used to make medicine, for example, insulin. It is legal in this country.
      • THERAPEUTIC CLONING  takes DNA and uses it to make another animal or human embryo using IVF. The resulting embryo is then experimented on. Currently scientists want to take stem cells from the embryo because these can be used to make another cell. This could be used to heal injured or ill bodies. You need a licence to practise therapeutic cloning in the UK.
      • For
        • God has given us the ability to make progress using our freewill, it could be part of his plan to develope the human race "all things are done according to gods plan"( Ephesians 1:11)
        • can help cure diseases, anything that is preventing human suffering must be good " love your neighbour as yourself"(matt 19:19)
        • Reproductive cloning helps us to fulfil the command "be fruitful and increase in number"
      • Against
        • god has made us uniquely and we are made in his image, reproductive cloning takes away our uniqueness
        • life is sacred because it has been created by god. many forms of cloning involve the destruction of life eg. therapeutic cloning, this breaks the command "do not kill"
        • Cloning is interfering with gods creation
    • Suicide (delibertly taking your own life)
      • CHRISTIANS  beleive all life is sacred from god, therefore most are against suicide because they think the gift of life should be cherished. they would her suicidal people or encourage them to seek help from a priest or seek comfort in god.
      • SAMARITANS are a Christian founded organisation that helps suicidal people, giving them an opportunity to talk about their feelings and ensuring them they are being listened to.
      • Foot steps help people who are feeling alone "the lord god replied 'the years you have seen only one set of footprints, my child, is when i carried you."
      • "you are my strong shield and i trust you completely" (psalm 28)


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