Media Theories

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  • Media Theories
    • The Hypodermic Needle Theory
      • 1920's theory on mass audiences and their response to media
      • Suggests audiences reesponded and accepted media presented to them, everyone would respond in the same way
    • Gramsci
      • Hegomony
      • Ways of life accepted in mass becuase of phyisical, intellectual, moral or cultural enforcement
    • Chomsky
      • Manufacturing consent
      • Media industries main concern is to make a profit
      • Editorial bias becuase papers want to make stories interesting in order to gain readers
    • Dan Gillmor
      • Citizen journalism
      • Read-write web and blogs transformed the internet
      • The public provided uncensored news, faster and esier than the official media
    • David Gauntlett
      • Web 2.0
      • Active users on the web, creating, sharing, contributing and communicating
      • Freedom to express individuality, social networking, online resources which encourage productivity and sharing
    • Dijck
      • Users: active and passive
      • passive users are more valuable to institutions
    • Chris Anderson
      • Long Tail theory
      • What is defined as the mainstream audience is less in quantity compared to the collective niche audiences
      • The official awards and charts do not give a true picture of what is being distributed to an audience


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