Media: moving texts

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  • MEDIA: Moving texts
    • Camera shots
      • Extreeme close up
      • Medium Long shot
      • Big close up
      • Close up
      • Medium shot
      • Over the sholder shot
      • High angle/low angle shot
      • Wide angle shot
    • Moving camera shots
      • Track shot
        • Camera is mounted on a trolley which travels along tracks. Used to smooth movement while filming
      • Dolly shot
        • Camera is mounted on a triod on wheels. Then is moved closer in or further away from the shot. Used to focus attention.
      • Zoom
        • Camera remains still and the "zoom" function is used to magnify a person or detail
      • Crash zoom
        • Similar to zooming apart from the zoom function is moved very quickly
      • Pan
        • Camera moves horizontally from side to side
        • Tilt
          • Camera moves vertically up and down


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