Desensitisation, disinhibition, cognitive priming

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  • Repeated exposure to violent media promotes a belief that using agg as method of resolving conflict is socially acceptable.
  • Negative attitudes towards violence weaken, less empathy to victims.
  • Disinhibition - normal social constraints against certain behaviours can be weakened by environmental triggers.
    • Media Influences: Desensitisation, disinhibition and Cognitive Priming
      • Desensitisation - repreated exposure to violence reduces normal levels of physiological arousal associated with anxiety, making agg more likely
        • Desensitisation is psychological as well as physiological.
          • When children repreatedly view agg on TV or play games, they become habituated to its effects. So an anxiety associated stimulus has a diminishing impact, resulting in reduced anxiety.
    • According to this exp, these usual restraints are loosened after exposure to violent media
    • There are powerful social and psychological inhibitions against using agg to resolve interpersonal conflicts. These are learned, directly and indirectly.
  • Cog Priming - violent images provide ready made script about agg stored in memory and triggered when we perceive agg cues in situation.
  • Script how violent situations play out.
  • We become primed to be agg. Can direct behaviour without being aware.
  • 1) Anonymity and invisibility-responsibility for behaviour is perceived as reduced.
    • Suler 2004
    • 2) Solipsistic Introjection - the feeling of becoming cognitively merged with the character in the game. An alter is selected to act within the virtual world.
      • 3) Minimisation of authority - behaviour which would be classified as criminal is acted out in the virtual world, as there is no consequence as there might be in everyday life.


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