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  • Media Influence
    • Role of Social media
      • Social media now plays a pivotal part in elections, with parties looking to advertise themselves
      • Politicans have social media accounts and talk to their followers on them
      • In 2017, the conservatives spent over 2 million on facebook advertising
        • Jeremy corbyn snapchat filterused over 9 million times
    • Role of the Internet
      • Internet has played crucial role
        • MPs have sites where they outline the work and activities they have been involved in
    • Role of Television
      • Research by the Electoral Reform Society found that the BBC Question time leader show helped 34% of voters choose their leader
    • Role of Newspapers
      • Newspapers remain important in shaping public opinion. Telegraph- conservatives, Guardian- Labour
        • Tony Blair hired a press secretary Alistair Campbell to ensure that him and Labour were portrayed in  a positive light
    • Opinion Polls
      • Accurate?
        • Opinion polls have been inaccurate in past general elections such as in 2015, where they failed to predict majority of conservatives
          • "Shy Tories" are people who do not openly admit to supporting conservatives leading to boomerang effect.
            • YouGov
    • Media Persuasion
      • Media is rarely a major factor
        • However it can help shape the politcal agenda through the way it emphasises certain topics.
      • Media often only confirms people's views as they tend to only read newspapers they believe in


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