Media and Control

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  • Ownership and Control
    • Pluralist
      • Consumers control the media, they have to give the audience what they want because all media is in battle with each other for views.
      • Media Regulators; Allows audience to have their say - e.g. OFCOM
        • Contemporary example: Prince Phillip dying and the BBC and other channels only doing coverage on that and not normal TV.
    • Marixst
      • Capitalist own and control the media
        • Content creates an dominant ideology
          • Bias, False class conciousness
        • Lord of the Global Village (Bagdikian)
          • Minority of bourgeoisie owned and controlled the global media - Branson, Zukaburg, Murdock
            • Media Mogals
        • Socialisation
          • Norms and values = bourgeouise
            • People who work for and create media design content that fits to the dominant ideology
    • Post modernism
      • Society is becoming more diverse
        • Fragmented
          • Hard to control and manipulate
      • Citizen Journalism


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