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  • Media Effects
    • Two Step Flow 1960s
      • Dorothy Hobson= "Jackie" was op
        • Active discussion
        • Normative role
        • Creates frienships
      • Katz + Lazarfield= media influence BUT opinion leaders
        • 1. Message received       2. Influenced by audience
      • Study Limitations= cant generalise (only female ps)
    • Interpretive 1990s
      • Buckingham= we have improved literacy in media
      • 3 steps= selective exposure, selective perspective, selective retention
      • Model Limitations= individualistic
    • Uses + Gratifications 1970s
      • Katz= what do we do with the media?
      • James Lull= environment, regulative, communication facilities, social learning
      • McQual=  diversion, relationships, identity, surveillance
    • Hypodermic Syringe 1950s
      • Syringe= media     Drug= message Patient= audience
      • Medical Analogy- narcotisation
      • Vance Pakard= plug in drug, daily dose    Bandura Ross + Ross= lab exp, 3 parts, 4 groups
      • Model Limitations= reductionist, outdated, ignores other factors, only affects a few in real life
      • Study Limitations= low ecological validity, unethical, demand characteristic


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