Water on the Land: MEDC Flooding-Boscastle 2004

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  • MEDC Flooding-Boscastle
    • Causes
      • Over 60mm of rain fell in 2 hours.
      • Ground was already saturated from 2 weeks of above average rainfall
      • Drainage basin had steep slopes and had areas of impermeable slate which increased surface run-off.
      • Confluence of Valency, Jordan and Paradise. Large quantity of water caused the rivers to overflow.
      • Flooding coincided with a high tide, which made the impact worse.
    • Primary Effects
      • 3 houses destroyed
        • 60 cars swept to sea
          • Sewage pipes burst
            • No one was killed. One person broke their thumb
    • Secondary Effects
      • £25 million lost business income
        • 20 B and B's closed
          • Insurance premiums increased
            • 50% of the pieces in the Museum of Witches wre lost, and since access was impossible for almost 3 weeks, the silt destroyed a lot of pieces.
    • Short term responses
      • 150 airlifted to safety by helicopter
        • Emergency shelters for people to spend the night were set up.
    • Long term responses
      • 6 months before homes were rebuilt.
        • New £800,000 flood defence
          • River banks and flood walls were raised


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