Mechanics of breathing

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  • Mechanics of breathing
    • Inspiration (during rest)
      • diaphragm contracts (flattens) - increases volume inside the chest cavity
      • intercostal muscles (between ribs) contract - lifts the ribcage up and out - volume inside chest cavity increases
      • lungs are pulled outwards (connected to pleural membrane, attached to ribs)
    • Inspiration (during exercise)
      • rate and depth of breathing increases - greater expansion of thoracic cavity
      • scalene and pectoralis minor lift the ribs further
      • the greater expansion of ribcage stretches the lungs further - allows for a longer inspiration of air
    • Expiration (during exercise)
      • intercostal muscles contract - pull ribcage inwards and downwards
      • muscles are assisted by abdominals and latissimus dorsi - quicker reduction in volume of thoracic cavity
    • Expiration (during rest)
      • diaphragm and intercostal muscles relax - volume of thoracic cavity decreases and lungs return to resting size


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