Unit 3: Noise Pollution - Measuring Noise Pollution

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  • Measuring Noise Pollution
    • Decibel Scale
      • Bels measure sound volume based on human hearing
      • Decibels avoid decimal values
      • 1 Bell = 10 Decibels
    • dB(A) Scale
      • Modified decibel scale - weighs the frequencies to which the human ear is most sensitive
      • Between 1000-4000Hz
    • L10 18h
      • Assumes traffic is only a problem during 18 hours (6am-12am)
      • Noise level measured during nosiest 10% of each hour, then mean is calculated
    • Traffic Noise Index
      • Takes into account the noise levels that exceed for 10% (noisest) and 90% (quietest) of the time
    • Noise and Number Index
      • Number of flights and noise levels of aircrafts over 80dB
      • Aircrafts below 80dB do not cause damage


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