Measuring crime

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  • Measuring Crime
    • Problems using Official Stats
      • Since 1995, official figures show a fall in crime by 44% & this is what is reported in the media. However, there has also been a significant drop in convictions
      • Stats can be reported in bias ways
      • Also ignored reported crimes that are not recorded
      • If crime is not reported, it is not recorded
    • Crime Survey for England & Wales
      • Includes unreported crimes disclosed to them by self-report on victim survey
      • Problems
        • Surveys 'householders' so ignores crimes against homeless
        • Does not cover all crimes
          • Only covers household (burglary, theft & vandalism) and personal (assaults, robberies & personal theft) crimes
          • Does not cover crimes against organisations, victimless crimes or crimes where the victim cant be interviewed e.g. murder
        • Self report issure
    • Offender Survey (OCJS)
      • Monitors crime amongst young people. Sample aged 10-25 resident in private households
      • Problems
        • Bias selection of interviewees
        • Self report issues


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