Measuring Rates of Reaction

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  • Rates of Reaction - Lesson 2 - Ways of measuring rates of reaction - Gas experiments
      • 1. Measuring the speed of a reaction that PRODUCES A GAS can be carried out using a MASS BALANCE.
        • 2. As gas releases, the mass DISAPPEARING is measured on the balance.
          • 3. QUICKER reading DROPS, FASTER the reaction.
            • 4. If measurements are made at REGULAR INTERVALS you can plot a RoR GRAPH.
              • 5. DISADVANTAGE - Releases gas straight into the room.
    • The VOLUME of Gas given off
      • 1. Use of a GAS SYRINGE to measure volume of gas GIVEN OFF.
        • 2. MORE gas in a time interval, FASTER the reaction.
          • 3. Gas syringes give volumes to nearest cm cubed, ACCURATE. Take measurements at REGULAR INTERVALS and plot a RoR GRAPH. If reaction is too VIGOROUS, you blow the plunger out at the end of the syringe.


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