Measuring Crime

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  • Measuring Crime
    • 3 types of measuring crime
      • Official Crime statistics
        • British Crime Survey + Police recorded crime.
      • Victim Survey
        • Survey which asks the population to report crimes that they have fell victims of.
      • Self Reported Survey
        • People who have committed a crime would confess even thought they have not been caught
    • Definiton of Crime and Deviance
      • Michel Foucault wrote that the definition of deviant has changed over time
        • 100 years ago it was deviant for females to wear trousers but that is now accepted
      • Plummer (1979) said that deviant acts can be accepted in certain situations
        • Being naked is not accepted in public but is accepted in the home
    • Measuring crime helps make laws and social norms which creates social order and a social consensus


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