Measuring Crime

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  • Measuring Crime
    • Victim Surveys
      • Uses slight triangulation to find out peoples experiences of crime
      • Strengths - access dark figures as crimes not reported
      • Weaknesses - based on people memories and there's issue with this / not all people are asked.
    • Offender survey
      • People volunteer the times they've committed crime
      • Strengths -reveal the kinds of offenders there are / access dark figures such as victimless crimes (drug use)
      • Weakness - don't access the white collar crimes as won't admit to
    • Official statistics
      • Records are kept by the police and other services and includes conviction rates and the age and gender of those convicted and the punishment
      • Strengths -based on processing of crime by judicial process / detect clear patterns / accurate view of the way justice system process offenders
      • Weaknesses - bias as stigmatises lower class / Not all crime is reported /
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