Measuring Crime

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  • Measuring Crime
    • Official Statistics
      • Cheap
      • Readily Available
      • Provide quantitative data
      • Provide data for whole country
      • Public don't report all crimes
        • Not realise they are victim
        • Embarrasment
        • Family issues
      • Not all reported crimes are recorded
      • Dark Figure
      • Only account for 25% of crime
    • British Crime Survey
      • Victim survey
      • 50,000 people asked
      • Includes crimes not reported to police
      • More accurate than official stats
      • Structured Interview
    • Self-Report Studies
      • Asking offenders to report their offending behaviour
      • Offenders may not report all crimes
      • More likely to identify different types of offender than official stats
      • Biased selection of offences
        • May ignore more serious crimes
      • Biased selection of interviewees
        • May not be able to interview more dangerous offenders


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