Measures to consolidate power under Lenin

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  • Measures to consolidate power
    • Decrees
      • Land Decree 1917
        • Land could no longer be bought, sold or rented as it belonged to the 'entire people'.
      • Decree on Workers Control 1917
        • The decree accepted workers takeover but it instructed the workers' committee to ensure the 'strictest order and discipline' in the workplace.
      • Decree on Peace 1917
      • Abolition of titles and class distinctions 1917
      • These decrees were implemented as a method of resolving some of the problems which Russia and Lenin were facing.
    • Treaty of Brest-Litvosk
      • Signed on March 3rd 1918
      • Finland became independent
      • Russia lost 62 million people - one sixth of it population
      • Russia lost 27% of  its farm land.
      • Russia lost 74%of its iron core an coal reserves.
      • Made Patriotic Russians join anti-Bolshevik forces.
      • Caused a divide in the Bolshevik party.
      • The Treaty was signed to end the war as promised.
    • Closing down the Constituent Assembly
      • The Bolsheviks wanted to create a party large to seize power when the opportunity came
      • The Bolsheviks refused to co-operate with the Provisional Government
      • The October Revolution came too late that it could not prevent the elections to the All- Russian Constituent from going ahead in November..
      • The Bolsheviks won 24%of the total vote - they barely gained quarter of seats in the Assembly.
      • January 1918 - The Constituent Assembly was dissolved at gun point by the Red Guards.
      • Allowed Lenin to remove his opposition and it could be perceived as a thret / warning to other potentiiall ition.
    • Murder of the Royal Family
      • The Romanovs were murdered at Ekateringburg July 1918
      • Nicholas II was still the legitimate ruler or Russia - so supporters would rally to his cause
      • The Tsar appointed by God had many followers.
      • If Nicholas escaped his followers would have a leader to rebel against Lenin.
      • Allowed Lenin to remove the possibility of the Royal Family reinstating their claim and also prevented people from supporting the Romanovs.


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