Development indicators

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  • Measures of development
    • GNI per head
      • The GNI divided by the population number
    • Gross domestic product
      • Total value of goods and services produced in a year
    • Gross national income
      • Total value of goods and services, but it includes overseas income
    • Death rate
      • The number of deaths per 1000 people
    • Infant mortality rate
      • The number of babies that die before reaching 1 years old
    • Birth rate
      • the number of live babies born per 1000 people
    • Literacy rates
      • Percentage of adults that can read or write
    • People per doctor
      • The number of people every doctor has to look after
    • Life expectancy
      • The average of all the age the country lives to
    • Access to safe water
      • The percentage of people who get clean water
    • Human development index
      • Number calculated using life expectancy, education and and income per head. the number comes out between 0 and 1.


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