Measures of central tendency and dispersion

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  • Measures of central tendency and dispersion
    • Levels of measurement
      • Nominal: Data in separate categories e.g grouping according to favourite football team
      • Ordinal: Data ordered in some way e.g how much people like each football team. Difference between each item not the same, but may only be small difference between ranking of items
      • Interval: Data measured using units of equal intervals e.g when counting correct answers
      • Ratio: True zero point
    • Measures of central tendency
      • Inform us about middle values of data- averages
      • Mean: Add up all data / number of items
      • Median: Middle value in ordered list
      • Mode: Most common data item. Modal group= group with highest frequency
    • Measures of dispersion
      • Range: distance between top and bottom values of data. +1
      • Standard deviation: Measure of average distance between each data item above/below mean. Ignores minus values


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