MDA and B - Transcript Analysis

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  • Brooklier and Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong: brief analysis of transcript
    • Brooklier and his stuttering in the beginning
      • In the beginning of the section he says "let's go to the - let's go to the pizza bombing - pizza bomber case". This stuttering could indicate many things: nerves, worry, or even a lack of preparation
      • "Who - who built - who built the bomb..." - as he is still being interrupted, he is trying to get his words out. This interrogative statement is direct towards MDA, but she deflects it back straight after with "I DOn't know"
      • There is a brief pause between "when" and "Rothstein died" - as MDA and Rothstein were engaged for a short period of time, perhaps brooklier thought that it was still a touchy subject for her
    • MDA in the beginning
      • She is very defensive and forward. She shouts "I DOn't know" at Brooklier and then shifts the blame onto Rothstein, saying that he was "bragging about knowing how to build bombs". She goes on to say that she was "happy" that Rothstein died, but she avoided the question with some tautology, talking about "karma" and how they have died "right on time", but does not answer whether or not his death "helped or hurt [her] case"
        • Tautology is always a clear sign of lying and also, trying to avoid the question - if you "beat around the bush", then it is clear you're trying to avoid something
      • She clearly does not want to talk about this case, as she says "yeah, yeah" in a low and somber after Brooklier begins to talk about the case
    • Brooklier in the middle
      • He only has one line in this section, where he asked about if the evidence provided shows if she is innocent or not. He pauses often throughout the whole interview, showing that he is choosing his words carefully.
    • MDA in the middle
      • She gets a little bit angry within this section, raising her voice at many times when she says that she "REALLY didn't" do the crime"
      • She uses some tautology here talking about how she is "an intelligent woman" and lists all her college and school achievements, but follows that with saying that she is "not a master criminal", something also that a lot of smart killers and criminals have said in the past, as they are known to be rather smart
    • Brooklier at the end
      • His questions begin as rather straight forward with "who said that you confessed", using this to get straight forward answers from MDA
      • He then gets to the specific details of where MDA was "prior to the day that Brian Wells was killed", putting empthasis on "prior" to allow MDA to give her specific information
    • MDA at the end
      • In this section MDA begins to plead her case. She says that she was accused of confessing by "stupid" inmates who said that she killed Roden to "shut him up". She gets angrier towards the end, shouting at him, saying "GIMME A break" and asking if she looks like a "freaking terrorist freak".
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