MacIntyre's Virtue Ethics

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  • McIntyre's Virtue Ethics
    • After Virtue 1981
    • Modern Ethics puts too much emphasis on reason and not enough stress on people, their character and the context of their lives
      • Athenian virtues were the most complete
    • Societies need virtuous people who organised charity jumble sales
      • Society depends on the existence of people who exhibit virtues
    • Virtuous life depends on developing a habit of being moral and striving towards values. This can give life overall purpose and meaning
    • MacIntyre's Virtues
      • Courage
        • Helps us face up to challenges that come our way
      • Justice
        • Fairness and is the art of giving someone what they deserve
      • Temperance
        • Prevents us from acting rashly
      • Wisdom
        • The ability to act in a particular way
      • Industriousness
        • Willingness to work hard
      • Hope
        • being optimistic
      • Patience
        • Being willing to wait
    • Underneath the virtues there must be a good will
      • One must desire to do virtuous things rather than just do them. It is not virtuous if the virtue is unintended
    • Types of good
      • Internal Goods
        • Specific to the activity
      • External Goods
        • Not specific to the activity
    • Being virtuous doesn't excuse a person from vices
    • Types of people
      • Bureaucratic Manager
        • Dominant person in the world today
        • Profit over principles
        • Efficient in using people and resources to achieve their aims
        • Both people and resources are dispensable
      • Rich Aesthete
        • Dominant in our celebrity culture
        • Lives for pleasure
        • Values for their money, clothes, thinnness and lifestyle over virtues
      • Therapist
        • Someone has to deal with our failed aspirations where success is only enjoyed by a few people
        • Here to help us deal with our stressful lifestyle and make us feel like our lives are not empty and meaningless


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