McCarthyism and the Red Scare

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  • McCarthyism and the Red Scare
    • HUAC - House Un-American Activities Committee
      • Hunted for American Communists
      • Set up to investigate subversive activities
      • 1940s and 50s - Focused on finding communists in the USA.
      • 1947 - Began investigating the film industry
      • Group of directors and writers who refused to answer questions were blacklisted and jailed
        • Would not be offered work in the industry again
        • Became known as the Hollywood 10
        • Hundreds more people were blacklisted in the following years
      • Blacklisting also happened in broadcasting,schools and universities.
    • The FBI
      • Federal Bureau of Investigation
      • J Edgar Hoover (the director of the FBI) was obsessed with 'subversives'
      • Hoover kept thousands of secret dossiers on left-wing activists and thinkers
        • Including 6 Nobel-prize winning authors
      • Conducted loyalty probes of millions of government employees
    • Joseph McCarthy
      • Made accusations with little evidence
      • 1950 - gave a speech claiming to have found 205 communists in the State Department
      • Claimed some people were passing information to the USSR
      • Many accusations were never proved but many people believed him
      • Intimidated witnesses during hearings and got people to accuse others
      • Destroyed thousands of careers.


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