Divided Union: McCarthy and red scare.

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  • McCarthy and the Red scare.
    • Reasons for red scare.
      • Czechoslovaki- became communist under USSR influence. 1948.
      • Berlin blockade - USSR cut of west Berlin showing stalin was prepared to risk war with USA.
      • Russia  - first atom bomb in 1949, more level with USA.
      • China becomes communist in 1949.
    • Development under President Truman.
      • tried to stop the spread of communists using TWO ways
        • 1. Marshall plan - promised aid to EU to help rebuild their economies. USA worried if western EU remained weak if might be vulnerable to communism.
        • 2. Truman Doctrine - USA would support countries that are threatened by communist takeover. E.g they gave 400 million to Turkey to stop them going into communism.
    • Hiss and Rosenberg case
      • 1950 - Alger Hiss Trail - government offical charged for being a communist - sent to prion for 5 years.
      • The Rosenbergs  - Julius and Ethel were accused of giving atomic secrets to the USSR - executed in 1953
    • HUAC and Hollywood Ten.
      • HUAC - House of un-America Activities Committee  investigates the film industry ,education and government to find out if there is any communism.
      • 1947 - Film industry was search and ten writers and directors were sacked and imprisoned for 1 year. they became known as 'Hollywood Ten'
    • McCarthyism
      • Ambitions politician lot of power and influence in Washington.
      • Claimed he had a list of  people that were communist - 205 were in government.
      • Convincing speaker and strong, Very little evidence, he was able play on the fear within America to convince people that he was telling the truth.
      • many believed him but most politicians didn't like him but were to scared speak out against him.
      • Why he lost support
        • Had no hard evidence to support his claim.
        • Shown on TV to be a liar and bully.
        • Went to far when accusing people accusing army officers for being a spy and his own party members.
        • Effects
          • Many lost jobs for being communist.
          • 400 sent to prison
          • Others that were left-wing or liberal were labelled un-American.
          • America was know for the 'land of the free' but that didn't seem so.


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