US intervention in Korea

Brief points on the defensive perimeter, Acheson's Press club speech, red scare, ''the loss of China'' McCarthyism 

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  • USA's intervention
    • ''Loss of China''
      • Truman was blamed for losing China in 1949 when it turned into a communist state
        • Mounting hysteria in 1950s America
      • Failure of US policy led to a large communist state in Asia
        • Communism could now easily spread into neighbouring Indochina and Korea
    • Defense perimeter?
      • It excluded Korea
        • However, the attack on South Korea was a breach of the US-Soviet agreement of 1945
      • Acheson said that the UN had an obligation to defend sovereign states and implied that the US would support it
    • Red scare
      • Soviet penetration of the USA of secret intelligence and police agents
        • Who would report back to the Red Army
          • Stalin new more about the building of the first atomic bomb than Truman at the time
      • Between 1945 and 1950, most Soviet agents had been rounded up by the FBI
      • Truman's government had tightened up with increased loyalty tests
    • McCarthyism
      • McCarthy claimed that he knew 205 communists in the State Department
      • The public began to take notice and the smears started to have an effect
      • Fellow Republicans began to lend support to McCarthy's campaign
    • Acheson's Press club speech
      • Explained the Pacific defense perimiter
        • It could be argued that this gave the North the green light to invade the South


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