Matters of life and death

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  • Matters of life and death
    • Christans
      • The paranormal is evidence for life after death
      • Jesus was raised from the dead
      • Judged on how they have lived their life for the after life
      • Jesus' father had many rooms in his house
      • How this affects their life
        • Do good work
        • Confession of sins
        • Pray more often
        • Golden rule
        • Follow the Bible
    • Muslims
      • The Qur'an says he come from Allah and return to him
      • Teachings of Muhammad
      • Surahs 11 and 56 say those who had a good life will go to paradise
      • Affect on their lives
        • Follow the Qur'an
        • Follow Muhammad's examples
        • Act as Allah wishes
    • Non religious belief
      • Near death experience
      • Paranormal activity
      • Reincarnation
    • Non belief
      • Why go against science?
      • No evidence
      • Humans decay when buried
      • Religious beliefs are outdated
    • Abortion
      • Christians
        • For
          • We cannot be sure life begins at conception
          • May be the best choice if the mothers life is at risk
        • Against
          • It can be viewedas murder
          • All life is valuable
      • Muslims
        • For
          • Women should be able to choose what happens to their body
          • Before 120 days a foetus can be aborted
        • Against
          • Takes away a life God created
          • Can be viewed as murder
    • Euthanasia
      • Christians
        • For
          • God intended for people to have a good quality of life
          • Can be the lesser of two evils
        • Against
          • Only God should take away a life
          • Goes against the sanctity of life
      • Muslims
        • For
          • If it is causing hardship or family distress
          • For terminal patients when nothing more can be done
        • Against
          • All life is valuable
          • No one knows Allah's plans


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