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  • Matters of Death
    • What is Euthanasia?
      • A painless death, by agreement and with compassion to ease suffering.
    • Types of Euthanasia
      • voluntary
        • asks a doctor to end their life
      • Non-voluntary
        • the person is too ill to ask
      • in-voluntary
        • disabled and sick are killed without consultation
      • passive
        • pain relief is increased and shortens life. or where treatment is stopped
      • Active
        • stopping treatment or giving a drug that will end life
    • Law
      • Illegal in Britain
      • voluntary and non-voluntary euthanasia is performed in other countries where the person is in sever pain
    • Problems elderly face
      • isolation
      • illness
      • worthlessness
      • burden
      • pension
    • Hospices
      • where people can die happy and comfortably
      • alternative to euthanasia preserves quality and sanctity of life
      • offer medical support and emotional support for families
    • Artificially prolonging life
      • life support machines
      • simple medication
      • surgery
      • blood transfusions


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